A Peek Into Shisha Smoking – Is It More Harmful Than Cigarette Addiction?

You have obviously heard about cigarette smoking and the other smoking procedures and some of you even might have a little knowledge on shisha (hookah) smoking but nevertheless I assume that there must be at least a few in your midst who are not aware of the terrific disasters that shisha smoking unleashes in the life of a smoker. Across the world, shisha smoking is not as prevalent as cigarette smoking, but the inevitable harm from shisha smoke is far greater in comparison to the hazardous effects of cigarette smoking! bongs for sale

Just at the mention of shisha, a large number of ladies and gentlemen are struck with utter perplexity for the reason that they are unable to decipher the meaning of this phenomenon and also the rationale that explains that quit smoking is an immediate necessity for a shisha smoker? If you are in the same predicament and the term “shisha smoking” appears utterly mysterious to you then let me inform that shisha is nothing but an oriental tobacco pipe. The shisha pipe is attached to a flexible tube which is considerably long and it is further connected to a container where the tobacco is kept and cooled by passing through water.

Coming back to the probable harm from shisha smoking, I would like to make it clear that in a single session, the smokers inhale a considerable range of tobacco smoke which is 200 times more in comparison to the smoke that a smoker consumes by lighting up a cigarette. Now just imagine the inevitable destruction from shisha smoking! Studies have made it clear that a large amount of disastrous chemical is present in shisha smoke which is capable of inducing cancer and heart diseases in people. Taking stock of the disastrous consequences of shisha smoking, around the world the health enthusiasts are increasingly demanding an immediate ban on shisha smoking.


What You Need to Know About Buying A Stainless Steel Kitchen Sink

Stainless steel kitchen sinks are very common these days. Not only can you find them for a great price, but the durability and ease of cleaning is above and beyond what most other types of kitchen sinks can offer. Stainless sinks are difficult to stain, and most of them do not dent or scratch easily either, making them a simple choice for many kitchens. Add to that the popularity of stainless steel appliances and the fashion trend of a “commercial look” and it is easy to see why stainless kitchen sinks are everywhere, but if you are not careful that high end look can become a high end eyesore.

When you see a stainless kitchen sink in an advertisement, or in a store, it will usually have some information attached. One of the first things you will see, besides size of course, is Gauge. The Gauge of stainless steel measures the thickness of the steel itself that was used to create the sink. Usually you will see a number between 16 and 23. In most circumstances a higher number indicates a higher quality or larger measurement, but Gauge is like Golf, the lower the number the better. I personally recommend a 16 or 18 gauge sink, especially if you are doing an apron front sink or a zero radius stainless steel sink. Anything higher than that, while it may be cheaper, is much more likely to dent or crease, especially when your belt buckle hits the front of a stainless farm sink while you are doing dishes. 18 gauge stainless steel is 0.0500 inches thick and weighs 2.016 pounds per square foot, and 16 gauge stainless steel is 0.0625 inches thick and weighs 2.52 pounds per square foot. While that may not seem like much, that is actually a 25% increase in both thickness and weight, making 16 gauge a considerably more durable and sturdier sink.

Information about stainless kitchen sinks is not hard to find, but sometimes it is hard to understand with numbers, alloys and percentages floating around in the product descriptions. It may look complicated but in reality, almost all stainless steel sinks are fabricated from Type 304 stainless steel. This is the basic form of stainless steel and what this number signifies is that this steel contains a minimum of 18% chromium, 8% nickel and a maximum of.08% carbon. This is why you will also see the number 18-8 steel listed in the specifications sometimes, they are simply referring to the percentages of chromium and nickel blended with the steel to make it stronger. As you probably know, steel is susceptible to rust, but by blending in these other elements it makes the steel corrosion resistant as well as sturdier. A higher percentage of chromium and nickel in the steel indicates a higher grade of stainless steel so look for the 18-8 or even 20-10 numbers somewhere in the information so you can rest easy knowing your stainless sink is high quality. While stainless steel sinks are not very susceptible to rust, they can be stained by rust, so be careful of leaving a cast iron pan sitting in a sink too long. Top Guide

One disadvantage of stainless kitchen sinks is that they are noisier than other sinks. A good quality kitchen sink will be insulated with some type of vibration damping material on the underside of the sink to help alleviate this issue. No one wants to hear a cymbal crash every time they drop a dirty fork in the sink. In addition to keeping the noise down, this insulation will help with condensation build up on the underside of the sink, thus preventing moisture issues in the base cabinet and keeping everything drier and less prone to mold or mildew, so look for a protective coating on the bottom of the sink.

Another reason to feel great about your stainless steel sink purchase is that according to the Specialty Steel Industry of North America, 300 series stainless steel, such as the 304 steel described earlier, is typically comprised of 75% to 85% post consumer recycled content. So stainless steel sinks give you strength, durability, and social responsibility all rolled into one package.


Disaster Recovery With Home And Business Decontamination

People suffer from disasters every day. Whether it is a burst water main which floods your business, wrecking a large amount of stock, or if it is a kitchen fire in your home which covers the ceilings and walls with black soot and stains, then you know the devastating effect which damage to a property can have. Even though you have escaped with your life, the property is still ruined, and many of your valued possessions look as though they will have to be written off and replaced. Not only do you have to mourn the loss of valuables which have been with you for decades, but you now have to face the worry that your insurance premiums will go through the roof, something you can ill-afford on the back of the disaster.

This is where disaster restoration services can help you to return your property to its former state, and recover your possessions through cleaning and decontamination. Taking steps to preserve your home and valuables is vital to recovering from your own trauma, and no matter what type of disaster you have had, restoring your home or business should not be a diffic ult matter, but can ensure that you manage to return your home to its former state. Mould Removal Brisbane

Cleaning up after an accident principally relies upon the removal of pollutants and substances which have been brought into contact with the house and furniture during the disaster. For flooding, for example, decontamination would require cleaning all the fabrics in the part of the home affected, while removing mold, for example, would mean that spores would have to be eliminated from the wall plaster. Disaster restoration teams usually work through the house in a pattern, beginning at the point of most contamination, and then cleaning outwards, so the pollutants are not spread any further around the home.

Such decontamination processes as ozone cleaning, and ultrasonic cleaning often mean that possessions can be restored to the home within a matter of hours after the clean-up begins. For bigger clean-ups, such as steam cleaning the carpets of a home which has been damaged by floods, the disaster restoration teams will probably need longer. Mold damage may oblige the home or business owner to move out of the property while antifungals are painted onto the walls, floor and ceiling of each room. As mold is such a persistent problem in homes, it needs to be fully eradicated at the first attempt. Once the home as been restored, then anything which is still damaged can be claimed for on the insurance.


News Media Trends for 2012

Well, they say election years are great years for the news media, and since 2012 is an election year, and there looks to be a heated race between the GOP and President Obama’s reelection committee, you can be sure that lots of dollars will be flowing into the news media. Indeed it couldn’t come at a better time, or at a more crucial time as media outlets have been laying off, and watching their viewership and readership dwindle.

As you probably know most of the reason for this has to do with online social networks and the amount of time people are spending online. Some of the top media outlet companies are now putting their news online and making available for mobile users with smart phones, iPads, and tablets to be viewed. Luckily, they are also harnessing their advertisers and taking them on the road as well, this gives a reprieve to a severely downtrodden news media industry. News

One interesting new trend that I am watching this year is the concept of news articles being put into collections that can be downloaded by subscribers for viewing on their e-reader personal tech devices. In other words the New York Times for instance might take all the articles on Afghanistan and put them together in a collection or e-book and sell them for a $1.99 let’s say, and you will have essentially an e-book which is nothing more than all the articles on that particular topic. Since the content has already been created previously, it’s an excellent new income stream.

Another interesting new trend that I find fascinating is the outsourcing of new staff to places like India. Someone in the newsroom here the United States will collect all the e-mail addresses, and phone numbers for various news article sources, and then have someone in India contact these individuals collecting digital pictures as well, and doing all the work in India over the Internet and sending it back to the news outlet for publication or uploading on their websites. I find that completely fascinating, and we will see that trend continue as local news companies do this, and as larger news companies are also forced to do it to save costs and compete.

In 2012 we will see more and more stories that have been created from compiling facts in online news. We will also see the use of Social Media data extraction determining which stories to run, allowing newsrooms and editors to determine the placement of stories based on surveying the interests of the public online. Indeed I hope you will please consider all this and consider how the media will change in 2012, because changes are afoot.


Don’t Quit Reading – Use Reading Glasses!

Surgery may correct distance vision, but it creates the need for reading glasses. Reading glasses look like normal glasses, but they actually give you good distance vision and good reading vision. For detail activities such as prolonged reading, have a pair of reading glasses made that provide balanced near vision. Almost a third of the American population needs reading glasses, but engineers designing web sites are typically under 40 with perfect vision. This often leaves them with perfect reading vision, without glasses, in old age, despite having lost accommodation through presbyopia. People who do not need glasses for distance vision may only need half glasses or reading glasses. In the past, traditional eye exams for near vision have resulted in glasses suited only for reading printed material, not for viewing computer screens. People with natural 20/20 distance vision will likely need reading glasses when presbyopia develops. Even if you achieve excellent vision through surgery, reading glasses are usually necessary beyond 45 years of age. If you have Lasik to correct your distance vision, you’ll still need reading glasses around age 45. Of course, one can use two different pairs of glasses, each with single vision lenses – one pair just for reading, and another for looking into the distance.


This is what reading glasses are about; they let you focus in on fine detail at a close distance. Baby boomers who have LASIK may end up trading in their old distance glasses for reading glasses. For those who need distance of midfield glasses, bifocals can often be the answer to providing for both distance and reading needs. Other customers may wish to consider the option of owning two pairs of glasses; one pair for distance and another for reading. And with half-eye reading glasses, you can look down through the lenses for reading and over the lenses to see in the distance. They will turn your standard distance glasses into reading glasses or your reading glasses into super magnifying lenses.

Wearing Your Glasses

Contacts have given me back some youth, but when I have them in I have to wear reading glasses. Speaking of glasses, I wear reading glasses when using a computer. I would recommend this group to anyone looking for unique and/or quality reading glasses – Roseanne-Arizona. And despite Dorothy Parker’s famous quip, women do look attractive who wear eyeglasses for reading. This means to wear the compact reading glasses down a bit on your nose. If you already wear regular glasses or reading glasses, you may be tempted to dismiss the need for computer glasses. Even non eyeglasses wearers can wear them over their sunglasses when working or reading outside. You wouldn’t wear reading glasses for driving, or at least I hope you wouldn’t. I think it was because I kept reading books with dimmed lights that made me started to wear glasses. There is no need to wear reading glasses underneath your safety glasses ever again.


These glasses give these people the ability to have proper eye protection, and allow easy reading of plans, instructions and computer screens. Some may need to use reading glasses for close work such as reading, using a computer, or sewing. For activities like reading or working on a computer, patients who’ve had cataracts removed commonly require reading glasses. Caution should be used concerning buying ready-made magnifying or reading glasses off the rack in stores to use as computer glasses.


By using a reading glasses case you will prevent accidents that could ruin them. Mini reading glasses almost always come with a case designed specifically for this type of reading glasses. Plastic or metal reading glasses can be used with either a hard or soft case. Most likely a soft case will come with plastic reading glasses. The soft fabric protects the lens while the soft case is basically just storage for the reading glasses. Often such readers come with a hard case that is designed to store a specific style of reading glasses. bongs for sale


That is when you start reaching for reading glasses, because you need the extra power that your own lens can’t provide anymore. Off-the-rack reading glasses have the same lens power in each lens. Flip-up reading glasses – these are like the flip-up sunglasses, except they provide a magnifying lens. Even contact lens users often use reading glasses.


If you’re experiencing those problems, visit your eye doctor for a reading glasses prescription. While pinholes are not as cheap as off-the-rack reading glasses, they are considerabley cheaper than individual prescription glasses. Purchasing reading glasses made up to your prescription is the perfect way to solve this problem. If they say you need a prescription, tell them that reading glasses can be bought in drugstores without a prescription. Over-the-counter reading glasses are inexpensive eyeglasses that can be purchased in variety, drug, and discount stores without a prescription.


What Are the Rules of an Online Casino?

Very much like any piece of life or games there are rules to follow. One of the primary principles that apply to all club is that the individual should be 18 years or more seasoned before they can begin playing. A few gambling clubs may expect you to download their product before you play. This could conceivably be an issue yet everything relies upon your PC framework. Prior to joining or playing on a game everybody should peruse their principles and guidelines that have been set up.


What occurs on the off chance that I don’t observe a standard? 


On the off chance that you don’t keep a standard you will be rebuffed in the manner the gambling club has chooses is proper. You might be restricted from the site for a while or may not be permitted to utilize the site once more. That is the reason it is imperative to consistently peruse the principles and guidelines before you start on an online gambling club so you don’t hazard being restricted from the website. Visit :- บาคาร่า


Is it feasible for anybody to cheat in the online club games? 


It very well may be feasible for somebody to cheat in a web based game yet not likely. There is such a lot of innovation and approaches to discover somebody cheating particularly on the web. Cheating is never a smart thought at any rate since it can get your record ended from the site.


Is there any breaking point to the measure of cash I can make? 


There generally isn’t a breaking point to the measure of cash you make at a game. There might be a cutoff on how much cash you can take out or put in relying upon the game. You simply need to peruse the principles about the cash and how to get your rewards when you settle on an online gambling club. A few gambling clubs offer focuses for winning and afterward you can utilize those focuses to get prizes or cash. So there may likewise be rules underlined there which will disclose to you the necessary focuses before you can get such a lot of cash. Like 1,000 focuses procures you a $1.00 and afterward the more focuses you have the more cash you can get.

Casino Games – Poker Intellectual Component – Part Two

The primary kind of a scholarly exertion let us consider it a legitimate one. The thought is that by supposition of all potential activities of the rival and by the assessment of all positions the player picks the best approach to proceed with the game which can lead him to triumph.


Chess players have a “tree” selection of choices to browse. The player thinks about all potential variations reciprocally and all potential answers too. At that point all his\her answers, etc. While examining the game along these lines, preferably the player picks the variation which could lead him to triumph quicker (the mate to the enemy ruler or to the damping material benefit). Visit :- บาคาร่า


The comparable “tree” of decisions we can likewise discover in poker. Yet, here the poker player examinations potential moves of the adversary, the game response to any activity of the player and every one of these activities are finished with a look of potential changes of game circumstance because of development of next cards.


The “tree” of decisions in chess is superlatively more grounded and comprises of definitely a bigger number of branches than in poker. Our decision is that a legitimate scholarly exertion is available in both, chess and poker, in any case, the job and feeling of it in chess are more significant.


The previously mentioned kind of a scholarly exertion is infrequently utilized by and by. Most of game circumstances are unsure and we would seldom be able to locate an opportunity to discover the refreshed variant which can lead us directly to triumph. What’s more, obviously, this kind of quest for choice is more impossible to miss to machines not for an individual. From that point we continue to depiction of the second sort of a scholarly exertion. How about we call it insightful. The principle feeling of it is that the player considers those variations that can lead him to some position. The position which the player needs to accomplish so seriously doesn’t promise him triumph. Yet, the player accepts if the alluring position is accomplished he has the obvious position advantage. This implies that the player appraises his all out position advantage status rather exceptionally and hopes to discover moves to proceed with the game so that is bound to lead him to triumph. The alluring position will be entirely agreeable for a further round of the player or truly awkward for a further round of his adversary. Subsequently, by having accomplished the impartially equivalent position, simply because of its novel highlights the player anticipates that his chances should be higher than those of his adversary.


In chess in most of cases you don’t have a likelihood to invest some energy checking a refreshed variant that can prompt triumph, the player attempts to get a place that can assist him with standing firm on a foothold advantage or a place that can assist him with improving focused. The elements of open lines, dynamic air of figures, regional benefit, etc allude to the position advantage in chess. Likewise every player has his\her ideal construction, the methods of assault continuation or plan of guard, etc. Subsequently, under the other equivalent conditions he will look for an opportunity to accomplish just these sorts of positions.

Baccarat – A Skillful and Intriguing Casino Game

There has been a consistent expansion in the notoriety of Baccarat since its origination in the fifteenth Century. The primary explanation that this game has endure the tide of time is that, it is not difficult to learn, needs least prerequisite, gives an elating time and has generally excellent returns.


Baccarat can be considered as the genuine round of chance as experience and procedures don’t assume any part in the result. Throughout the course of time various variations of Baccarat have come into light yet just three are still into reality. The baccarat chemin de fer, punto banco (or North American baccarat) and baccarat banque (or a deux tableaux). Visit :- บาคาร่า


A standard round of Baccarat is played as follows: 


Here the numbered cards (1-9) have the focuses as their presumptive worth while the face cards (10, K, J, and Q) have zero focuses. The goal of the game is to acquire a worth more like 9 in the wake of adding all the cards in at least two pre chosen hands. In the event that the incentive after expansion arrives at the 10th spot, the appropriate response is diminished by ten and afterward considered.


At most there can be twelve players playing the game. The gambling club can be considered as the financier while the most elevated better is given the assignment Player. Individuals can wager on three results, first that the player wins second the Banker wins and the third that there can be a tie. After the wagers are finished, two managed of hands every one of two cards are conveyed between the Banker and the Player with their face down. The cards are then appeared to the croupier (the club worker supervising the game); he calls the aggregate and decides the champ.


Baccarat has frequently been considered as quite possibly the most flighty game yet we can securely say that its prominence can never be dwindled.

Various Types of Casino Games Bonuses

Casino games have become quite popular in America. Every American wants to try his hand at games like crap, roulette and blackjack. Players should also ensure that they have a complete clue of the terms of an online casino before opting for it.


Most of the casinos also encourage their players through bonuses. Now the players don’t know how to pick up a bonus. So, they should know the right demarcation between them. The free spins bonus is a hugely popular bonus. He can spin any number of times with it. A player does not to pay any money in deposit with this kind of a bonus. Visit :- บาคาร่า


So, he can start earning the money without paying anything. This is quite encouraging for players. But, the players have to make some deposits when they win anything on the free spins. They have to pay some amount out of their winning amount. A welcome bonus is however not the same. Although the players are required to pay huge money as deposits under them, they can get incentives of upto 100% of the amount. So, the players have preference for the latter. Sometimes players are required to choose between reload bonuses for different game categories.


The player can choose any bonus, but he should be aware of the nature of the same. The bonus on video poker and table games does not expect him to take much risk. So, if a player is not prone to taking much risk, he should opt for a table game bonus. Slot bonuses are meant for those who are prone to taking risk. The players should know before choosing any bonus that they can only take home the winnings earned from the same. So, follow such conditions and enjoy your game of poker wisely. Happy gambling.

How To Find an SEO Freelancer

You’re a tech-savvy business owner who understands the importance of internet traffic. You grasp the concept that more visitors to your site equals more exposure, which in turn equals more sales.

Or maybe you’re an SEO firm looking for some quality writers to help obtain and retain clients to boost your business and boost your profits.

Great! Both of you are already halfway there. What you need is a quality SEO writing freelancer.

A Native English Speaker

First and foremost, English is the most used language of the web. A study done by W3Techs showed that of the most-visited sites in the world, 55% of them used English as their primary language. This is huge.

While a non-native English speaker can become very good at writing in English, you simply cannot beat the quality of a native English speaker. The native speaker is conscious of the phonetics of the English language when writing.

Readers can tell the difference between a native speaker’s work and a non-native speaker’s work. And satisfied readers means better rankings for your business and more money in your pocket.


So, you have found yourself a native speaker? Great. There’s one more area that you must check… are they educated? There are plenty of native english speakers that can’t write effectively at all.

Usually, a high school diploma means that the person is sufficient enough  to write their ideas on paper in a natural-sounding, non-robotic way. seo agency

But, as a business trying to rank higher in search, you need more tha n that. You need a quality writer. A native speaker who excels at writing well. Who can write exciting, compelling content that draws your readers in. Someone who got A’s in English class and did their homework, not someone who got a D and barely made it through!

If you have an SEO writing freelancer that fits this description, you are well on your way to ranking high.

Reliable and Dependable

You found a quality, native English speaking, educated writer to grow your business. Awesome. You are now 90 percent of the way there. However, there’s one more caveat I must stress. You need someone you can trust.

If you have a writer who can’t meet deadlines, you’re in trouble. If you have a writer who is capable, but doesn’t take pride in his work and gives you low-quality, tossed-together articles, you’re in trouble. If you have a writer who doesn’t communicate with you swiftly, you’re in trouble.

You’re running a business here. You cannot afford to have somebody who doesn’t care. You need a writer who you don’t have to chase around and submits on-time, every time.