Best Tips for French Furniture Restoration

French furniture not only holds beauty in itself but also a great history. These beautiful artifacts are loved by everyone. If you are having any of the French furniture, you should take care of it in a good way. It is not very tough to restore your French furniture, but regular and good care can do wonders. French furniture needs extra care and you should aware of the proper ways to make your furniture look good and sustain for long.

To start with, you can use the well known material for this purpose. French polish is one of those materials which are used for restoring any French furniture piece. This polish has been into use from ancient time and has proved to be the best for giving a new look to French furniture. Not only in older days, these day also, people think that French polish is the best material to clean and give a new look to the French furniture. Although, this application is in use since 18th century and most of the furniture dealers believe that there could be nothing better than French polish for any French furniture, but there are some other solutions also. With new researches and try to get something better than the previous material, various other materials have been introduced in the market which are equally good and can help you in restoring your French furniture.

The finishing of the French furniture is always very delicate and elegant. This finishing should never get fade or vanish; otherwise your entire furniture will lose its beauty. You can also try some homemade or natural ingredients to make a good cleaner for your French furniture. Other than this, there are several varieties of cleaners available in the market which can be used as per instructions. You can also follow the various tips and tricks available in various magazines which hold specialization in these things.

You can use rosin of a coniferous or pines tree. This would work as a polish and is no less than the readymade French polish in anyways. Most of the readymade solutions for cleaning French furniture contain this ingredient. Not only it cleans the furniture well but provides a nutrition agent to it which strengthens the bond between the layers of the wood and keeps the shine intact. Another good solution is linseed oil. You can use this oil directly on the surface of the furniture to give it a new shine. You can also use other drying as well as non drying oils to give a good consistency and great shine. Linseed oil builds a weather proof shield on the French furniture and restricts it from getting dark or leaving its actual color. Salvation Army Pickup

You can also use Manila Copal, Damar, Mastic, Sandarac and Benzoin to your French furniture to regain the shine. All these things are natural and do not create any damage to the original material, i.e., your French furniture. Also, it leaves your furniture with a pleasant smell which keep away any insects or pests. You can also prepare a good solution which can take care of your furniture in a complete way. The natural ingredients and highly hygienic preparation will surely give you the best satisfaction and make yourself proud on restoring your valuable furniture in such a nice way.

A proper mixture of natural ingredients like grounded button shellac (50 grams), benzoin (5 grams) and ethanol (95%) would do wonders for your furniture. Including ethanol is a great idea a this gain alcohol is good in restoring wood, especially French furniture. Now after mixing the contents well, this mixture has to be warmed at 100 ÂșC. You can use a water jacket or ultra sonic tub for this purpose. This liquid should be filtered at least twice so that you may get the refined and clear wax only. You can use a damp cloth or sponge to use this polish. It is highly advised not to rub it hardly as it may damage the outer layer of the furniture. Move your sponge slowly on the surface and you will find a thing layer of your application. Let it dry thoroughly and you will find a new shine on your furniture. For better results with this solution, you can also add approximately 10 grams of B 72 to it. Now mix it well and apply. You will find a noticeable improvement in the shine of the polish.

Weather is a big problem and that affects a lot in damaging the furniture. You can also apply weather resistant polish on your furniture. This would protect your furniture to some extent from weather effects and leave it with a new shine. Applying a UV guard is also a good option as most of the damage is done by sunrays only. You can add Tinuvin 292 to the above solution and apply it on your furniture. This will work as a UV protection and also give it strength to last for long. You can also use various other materials like UV absorber, Tinuvin 328 and HALS to any of your polish for protecting your furniture from harmful UV rays. These materials will prevent it from getting fade by building a protection film on it.



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