Commercial Architects

Many architects are capable of dealing with residential and commercial projects however when looking into commercial architecture it is always good to go with an architect that has a vast amount of commercial experience to ensure that you get your project off on the right foot. It is always advisable to work with someone who has the necessary experience as well as the knowledge, especially in something that can cost so much money.

Commercial architects will be totally up-to-date with all of the latest regulations such as health and safety that will need to be taken into consideration and they may also have more experience when it comes to making sure that the building is functional, attractive, safe, and accessible.

Some of the key things is a commercial architect will be able to offer during the planning process are:

– The ability to maximise floor space by giving your business the maximum amount of work area, this will result in less construction cost per member of staff that you plan to have working for you in the long run. commercial architects

– They will be able to help to interpret the requirements of your local council and also will generally have contacts within the Council that they are familiar with. (this doesn’t mean that they will be able to get around certain red tape but it can certainly help to keep your project moving smoothly throughout the entire process)

– They will be able to ensure that the building meets all of your commercial needs through careful analysis of your requirements.

– They will be able to undertake project management on your behalf to ensure that all of the contractors and professionals that are working on the project know exactly what they should be doing and when they should be doing it, this task alone can save a lot of man hours and additional expenditure.

Overall it is important to recognise that a commercial project can be far more detailed than a residential project and because it is such a specialist area it requires a specialist architect to help everything go right from the start.

You can find a commercial architect by running a simple search in Google or by looking in any number of local business directories but whatever you do please don’t forget to ask for answers to any questions that you might have before engaging in talks of contracts, this is a mistake that many people make.


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