Computers and Electronics – Affiliate Marketer’s Great Category Choices

If you are thinking seriously about entering the field of online publishing, a couple of moneymaking categories to consider as a source of revenue are computers and electronics. Very little actually functions without them, except maybe the human operator. In fact, products and services offered are used extensively, and in a great many ways by lots of people, millions of times a day! UpCutter

As publishers we are often tempted to invest our time and energy in the latest and greatest system from a marketing guru, mainly because they are so in-your-face with their squeeze pages, and we rarely consider the real things we use every day. While I was building my online mall of affiliate products I was amazed at how many useful products there are for marketers like me.

Sometimes we need a newer faster computer with a better operating system, or even multiple monitors and a new graphics card to drive them. Working with three monitors has been a time saver for me, enabling me to multiply my multi-tasking power. And since I work with a lot of video it has super-zoomed productivity so much that I was able to produce five videos in one weekend using another great utility.

Pinnacle Studio Ultimate 12 is a video editing utility any marketer who wants to stay relevant in the new online video world cannot live without. Sure there are other great editors out there but this one has some cool and efficient rendering and uploading capabilities. Video can be shot on Logitech Web Cam or a tripod supported high definition camera, easily captured and edited quickly using their smooth time line interface.

When you can shoot, capture, add voice-overs and music, and do tight edits for five videos in one weekend – and upload them all to You Tube and other video sites, you know you are producing! The wonderful thing about video is that smart marketers with blogs search video sites for relevant videos and post them for their followers to view. He keeps them current and in front of people as well, and as a bonus it keeps the producer in front of them too. Try doing it — it’s a load of fun!

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