Decorating a Youth’s Bedroom

As our kids grow, their styles and tastes change with them. One very important element in every child’s life is having their own space and parents usually answer this call in the youth bedroom. The crazy thing about kids is that every few years you are going to need to update and often upgrade the youth bedroom furniture and beds. Never fear. Let decorating your child’s bedroom be a call to your playful side and turn it into a bonding experience.

When it comes to decorating a child’s bedroom, it should be a chance for your child to be creative too. Remember that it is important for the room reflect your child’s personality, not your own. It is their bedroom, so even though their style choices may make you cringe allow them to express themselves through the colors, fabrics and even the style of their youth bedroom furniture.

Start the youth bedroom redecoration by listening to your child (or children) and discovering what activities they enjoy this year, what their favorite color is today, and how they feel about the latest styles and fashions. From that help them to decide on a theme or color scheme that reflects their personality. There are endless themes and ideas to pick from; just make sure you the final decision is theirs.

When it comes to picking colors, let it up to the kids. Don’t worry about coordinating with the youth bedroom furniture as most are available in neutral and natural colors that go with just about any wall color. Wallpaper can add texture or get really creative with clouds or stars painted on the ceiling. It is always smart to choose paints and wallpapers that are washable like a semi-gloss or gloss finish. If your kid wants a super bright and outrageous color for their bedroom, negotiate down to one wall for strong colors. large apartments east side manhattan

Infants and toddlers don’t spend an overwhelming amount of time in their rooms, but as your child grows and matures their bedroom will become their safe haven and it will be harder to draw them out. For this reason, you should aim to make a child’s bedroom multi-functional. The older they get, the more children will use their bedroom for a variety of activities. Fill all the needs by integrating a play area, a reading area and a space where they can entertain their friends with a radio or television. This is where finding the right youth bedroom furniture can really make a difference.

When setting up a kid’s bedroom there is always one obstacle that you must overcome. All kids have a lot of stuff and storage is imperative to making it all fit; especially if the room is small. When you are looking for the right youth bedroom furniture, look for storage, quality and adaptability. You don’t want to choose furniture they will outgrow quickly and remember as a child grows, their clothes get bigger too. That dresser that used to hold all her 2-toddler shirts will probably only fit 2 of her 10 year old shirts. Clothes, toys, sports equipment, school stuff; there is no end to the things your child will accumulate over the years.

A few ways to add storage but still save space in the youth bedroom furniture department are with furniture pieces like captain’s beds. They provide a bed along with drawers for storage. Raised bunk beds can offer a study loft to give your child a built-in desk area for studying. Bookcase headboards, armoires, and media cabinets are also great furniture pieces for a child’s room. A desk with a top hutch is another great way to add storage without sacrificing valuable floor space.

Picking out youth bedroom furniture can be exasperating but fun too. You need to balance the scale between fun and practical. The colorful motifs and themes in bedroom furniture are fun and will add character to your child’s room. When choosing youth bedroom furniture, look five or even ten years in the future and ask if you picture the more grown up version of your child still using it. You want the design to accommodate their changing tastes, needs, and interests.


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