Factors in Pricing PVC Banners

I am often asked, “What is an average cost of a custom PVC vinyl banner? If, for instance, the question comes from “Joe Home Builder,” I will often reply to such queries, somewhat tongue in cheek, with a question like “How much would it cost to build me a house?” Wide Roller Banner

Of course, Joe Home Builder would reply with questions such as how many square feet would the house have, how many rooms, is it one or two stories, or three? What quality do you want the woodwork? Are the appliances going to be top of the line, mid-range, or lower end? Are you going to live in the house yourself, or rent it out?

As you can see, there are a lot of variables when you want a home-built, and fortunately for you, there are fewer if you’re purchasing a banner. There are a few factors that will determine cost of a banner, so determining average cost would depend on several factors.

The first factor, and most important from the printer’s standpoint, is how many square feet will your banner be? Or, how many square feet will your banners be? Multiple banners mean that a printer can set up a print run and without much extra effort, print several banners. This means time savings, and since time is money, he will often pass some of that savings on to his clients.

If all the banners are identical, this will mean the print can simply spool through, say, the 30 banners ordered without missing a beat (unless they’re longer banners than five feet). If they’re longer banners, the printer may have to stop mid-print to put another roll of PVC vinyl banner material on the printer, but aside from that, he can be working on other projects while the printing machine or digital printer prints away making the owner a good profit.

Of course, if there are several different designs, say 30 different banners from 30 different files, it will take considerably longer to process the files, although not necessarily a lot more time to print the banners, so the cost may be slightly higher than the 30 identical banners.

Another factor in banner cost will be whether the banners are single-sided or double-sided (also known as single-faced or double-faced banners or one-sided or two-sided banners), and how they are constructed to be single or double-sided. There are heavier weight vinyl fabrics which will have a blockout layer sandwiched between the sides that can be printed on both sides, and lighter weight materials that are printed on one side, then sewn together with a layer of black material between the two sides to create a two-sided banner also. The single piece fabric that can be printed on both sides will be most likely less costly, but it is also a more specific printing science to be able to match the print on both sides.

Banner weight is a third factor, although less so than it used to be. The standard for single sided PVC banners is the 13oz. banner, which means that it weighs about 13oz. per square yard. However, there is also 8oz., 10oz., 12oz., 14oz., and 15oz. that are quite common as well. And there are also 16oz. in both single or double-sided materials, as well as 18oz. and 21oz. and I believe I’ve even seen a 19oz. All of these will have different price points based on weight, and the final factor, the tightness of the weave of the underlying nylon fabric.

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