FAQs About Abortion Everyone Should Know

For the longest time, abortion has been voted off and on to the society as a taboo subject. But despite its long existence, information about it has long been held back, disallowing people to know its exact nature. Well, unless you are that curious cat who took measures way beyond what an average person does – research, interviews to credible people who have been in and out abortion clinics, self-study, et cetera – then you clearly are ahead of the others in terms of knowing important details about the subject matter. But for the benefit of those who are not as equally informed as you are, read on.

What is spontaneous and induced abortion?

Spontaneous abortion or miscarriage is accidental and may mostly happen during the first trimester of a pregnancy. A manifestation of a failed pregnancy is vaginal bleeding that may take as long as two days to weeks. This kind of abortion more often causes expectant mothers heavy depression rather than those who undergo induced abortion. Induced abortion, on the other hand, is a planned abortion that is dependent to a medical professional’s proper handling (at least for legal abortion.) It may be through the use of pills prescribed by a physician or a critical method requiring safe equipment inside an abortion clinic. contraception

When is the safest time for abortion?

Although people have slowly opened up to the idea of the existence of abortion in the society, questions about its safety remain to buzz around in all corners of the state. When is abortion considered safe? Abortion is safe when it is legal (supervised by a reputable abortion clinic) and when it is done as early as possible (done within the first trimester). In a nutshell, this is how we answer the question: the earlier you seek help from an abortion clinic, the safer an abortion procedure will be. Take it from there. However, medical complications of a forming baby can be an exception to this.

What is post-abortion syndrome?

Many researchers call it a myth. But before we dig in to that, let us first define its nature and what it does to women who undergo abortion. Post-abortion syndrome, they say, is the phase in which women feel tremendously bad about themselves after undergoing an abortion process. Depression, anger, shame, regret, unworthiness – the combination of the mentioned emotional states is the exact definition of the said syndrome. However, many researches hollow out more information on this by conducting different studies all proving that the hypothesis is wrong. Then again, researchers have not yet halted their ways of finding out.

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