Improving Room Ambience With An Antique Brass Chandelier

Every room in the house should have a lighting fixture that will produce the desired ambiance or improve its present aura. While the illumination of the chandelier lights is sure to brighten up a room, its overall design can enhance the beauty and provide attractive embellishments wherever it is installed. This is true of the antique brass chandelier.

Unlike other types of chandeliers, antique brass chandeliers are unique in that they can be both grand and yet earthy at the same time. This is primarily because of the deceptive fragility of brass. But don’t be mistaken. Despite being malleable, it is one of the most durable metals around, guaranteeing enduring elegance and functionality for the home. brass chandelier

Choosing an antique brass chandelier can prove to be overwhelming, given the wide selection that is available out there. For this reason, you have to consider the motif of the room where it will be placed. Living rooms and dining rooms would benefit from a touch of class provided by brass chandeliers adorned with Murano glass, crystals or Capiz shells. You can also go for wrought iron chandeliers plated with antique-polished brass. Fore more contemporary settings, you can go from elegant Mission chandeliers to ultra-modern fixtures. If your room has a futuristic motif – like in the popular cartoon “The Jetsons” – ideal choices would be avant-garde Swedish or Minimalist styles. To explore the many options that you have, do an online search for the lighting fixtures that will perfectly match your room and its decor and furniture. If you are planning to redecorate several rooms, you can go for wholesale antique-style brass chandeliers (meaning you can buy them by the bulk) or, if it is only a single room, go for a genuine antique.

Antique brass chandeliers are also ideal for homeowners who are always on the go because of their relatively low maintenance. Cleaning would only require regular dusting or wiping with a soft cloth – moistened with mild soap and warm water – or metal polish. Just make sure that you dry it off immediately after cleaning to prevent rust and corrosion. For the same reason, install the chandelier in a cool, dry place. While not commonly used outdoors (because of its fragility when exposed to the elements), this lighting fixture can give a classic appeal to your verandah or patio. However, don’t forget regular maintenance.

An antique brass chandelier is a welcome addition to any room and its beauty is sure to endure as it develops that gorgeous, warm golden glow with the passage of time.

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