Leaving Las Vegas – Some Tests Are Easier Than Others

LEAVING LAS VEGAS”…..some tests are easier than others. I had mixed feelings about taking a long job that meant i would be driving to Las Vegas from San Francisco…in a stretch Hummer Limousine, no less! The thing i knew at the level of my soul was Las Vegas was no picnic for a lightbearer and especially to be going alone and in service to people that were basically going there at a massive time of commerce during the CES (Consumer Electronic Show) when an estimated 500.000 people pour into Las Vegas. You add that and the notorious reputation for no-holds barred partying the City itself caters to and it was not something i was looking forward to having to deal with. I even thought about ways i could get out of having to do this “job” but i knew there were much of an inner reason to be there. There are really no accidents that we are where we are at, even in a physical location for a temporary time, something has attracted that experience to us. In a Metaphysical sense, and i ‘ve been around long enough to know, there is always the consideration that at least three levels of being that are ocuuring or a combination of such. One , we have some Karma in that City to balance, or the unique momentums of energy we may have left behind as a record of previous actions. Some places do activate subconscious desires or come at a time when we are ready to pass some tests. It may reveal the true nature of our progress on the Spiritual path…… I was hoping I would be able to demonstrate some mastery while I was in Las Vegas, but at times I felt almost naked in innocence to the wiles and lures of the night. I almost humorously wondered what the “Three Wise Men” would have encountered if they had to make their way through the desert past what is the modern day Las Vegas. I try and see that all “circumstances” that occur in my life have a meaning, whether it is an exercise in some new understanding I need to learn, an exploration of my own path, or a place I am intended to serve some part of life. Clearly, I would not seek out what this town generally has to offer, of my own accord.

Still, I tied to maintain some perspective about what was realistic to accomplish. It was humbling for me because of the sheer enormity of energy and influence one sometimes has to combat to keep on or hold fast to one’s standard on the spiritual path. That is assuming they have one. Some friends of mine say they almost refuse to go into certain situations or even be around a certain vibration of people, but I have learned that as a student of Saint Germain we cannot reserve such a luxury for ourselves. El Morya once said in so many words, that we should not expect the Masters would simply place us on some log or stump to contemplate the path. It is a path of action, of integration, of being among the people of this plane. It is where our Victory was to be won and most likely that some karma had determined that we were to be there. It is now, not as overlooked by me that the real “training” we get on the path is the development of compassion towards people. The Masters have to see that these qualities are present in us. No faking! No selective applications! There also seems to be no better way to find out if we have the tolerance to make it on this path, than by being put in situations, which remove us from our comfort zones. People in all of our outer differences seem to do the best to accelerate us or bring out the worst if we have it in us. Some people in an understanding of mysticism can undervalue the importance of character development in the service of higher causes. I remember reading an account of HP Blavatsky who several masters said had contained one of the most brilliant minds but had been hampered in greater Spiritual progress because of an unruly emotional nature. It got me to be more serious about my own shortcomings, especially in, impatience and subtle or overt aggressions, mild dislikes or judgments. Heck, thrown in criticism and judgment while you’re at it! I was surprised recently to read an esoteric teaching that said the Ascended Master is actually able to view an image or replica of our energy bodies that is “checked on” by the Master to observe variations or evidences of “the students” reactions such as anger or in harmony. Talk about not being able to not hide anything! I guess an average lifestyle does not have to worry about such scrutiny from the Master, only when through our devotion and discipline to bring about a more than average level of service, would the “Master” be compelled to notice us. You might be wondering what this has to do with the trip to Las Vegas? Well, a lot of my stuff was coming up, including fears and whether or not I could keep my energy clean and not get caught up in “things” Even before I left San Francisco, preparing for the trip, there were things to overcome. Like a lot of people in the bay area during a recent storm, I had to go through the unsettling experience of not having any power. By nighttime I think I realized how easy it is to be un-prepared. I figured out I should go out to a store and bring back some candles and matches.

Problem was I couldn’t find my car keys in the dark. The light from my cell phone proved to be a useful enough device, though it was tedious. Along with that it has been cold in the bay area lately and I started the habit of sleeping in my clothes. So there was this already pretense of survival consciousness I was dealing with before I left for the long journey to Las Vegas. Usually I can drive long distances without really having to stop or rest, but the pre-trip inconveniences wore me out, plus the fact that I didn’t really launch from San Jose, Ca., until after 12:00am Sunday Morning or late Saturday night. Highway 5 is already kind of creepy -lonely without the possibility of rainstorms and driving an unfamiliar stretch hummer with some nearly bald tires affecting my confidence. I barely made it a hundred miles before I had to pull over and lay down in the passenger compartment. I guess I was more beat than I thought, because we had a timeline to be in Vegas by the early afternoon, I knew I could afford only a limited break. Already I was disconnecting from the normalcy of being in secure surroundings and the idea of bedding in a narrow couch like row in a hummer was quite makeshift, but par for these types of journeys. I should probably point out the owner of this vehicle had it customized with a gambling theme and a pretty wicked caricatures of the “joker” was painted inside the passenger compartment. Hardly the image of any purity I would want to see before dozing off, but that was the nature of this trip, a real mixed bag and somewhat preparing me for what I would come across in Las Vegas, perhaps. I kept myself going (I don’t drink coffee) by doing a series of decrees including calls to Archangel Michael and recorded Violet Flame calls and made it all the way to Bakersfield before I hit a wall and had to get into a hotel. I checked into the cheap accommodations of a Motel 6 and in the wee hours of 6AM. Before I made it to my room and after finding an accommodating parking for that ridiculously long vehicle I came across some interesting encounters with some people that were still maneuvering around for whatever reason I was surprised by a young girl who said she wasn’t a minor who appeared to be hiding from something behind the hotel building and asked me if I could give her a ride home. Patio Covers Las Vegas

All sorts of life forms on this path. Bakersfield has a marooned kind of aura to it anyhow with the fog and parts of it just kind of loom like a large truck stop and the strangeness of people just kind of oddly scurrying around by themselves at that hour was weird, but not unexpected. Somehow, I got the sense I would see more of the underbelly of life on this journey as I myself pushed further and further into the environment of what Las Vegas would reveal to me, especially its energetic impact. I did have many miles of travel through the natural landscapes of mountains, desert and rock formations that were quite beautiful and expansive, so I appreciated those periods. Somehow I got the intuition to stop doing decrees right outside of arriving in “Vegas” Las Vegas though poured out onto me in an altogether different realm than I might of thought I was ready for, especially the sights at night and the constant stream of duties I would have to meet as a Chauffeur. It felt like a living maelstrom was surrounding me. I know that millions of people come to Las Vegas to enjoy themselves and I hardly see myself in some sort of prudish fashion, but in only a few hours of being there I really could hardly combat the torrent of images all around me. Strangely, I thought to do some decrees to offset the energy, then I felt an inner prompting, that to invoke spiritual light at that time would be like throwing a rock into a hornet’s nest. So I just chilled. There was this sense of understanding in my mind that I had to be very deliberate. No Rambo type of behavior in a hurry to lob invocations calling for any judgment here. I Really got the INNER understanding how in no way does the human will in us accomplish the Victory in any type of Spiritual warfare and how super grateful IAM to Archangel Michael. This was no ordinary foray on a normal pleasure junket, that most people might come to this town for, and I myself would not choose to come here without reason, but I had purpose, though my inner child felt like fleeing. I don’t gamble, and have some difficulty in the nearness of the auras of so many people, plus there are other vices there, which could pull on momentums I’d rather not deal with. After a bit, I resumed a more philosophical approach to being there. I couldn’t help but think again about what could possibly be my role and fortunately I had some access to Spiritual precepts the Ascended Masters had outlined about the different levels of engagement we can find ourselves in. Getting back to what I started before, my mind continued to ponder.


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