Make Money From Home With Merchandise at 90% Below Wholesale

Yes, that’s what I said… you can make money from home with brand new, untouched retail ready and packaged merchandise for up to 90% below wholesale.

You can sell this merchandise for substantial profits yourself, or to businesses that want new merchandise at a deeply reduced cost.

Here’s how

Let’s say that you have an online store or offline shop that sells boxed computer software. Or perhaps you want to sell inventory to other retailers and vendors.

Suppose you heard about a hot selling software that retails for $29.00 with a wholesale of $14.55.

A terrific profit maker, this item may become available at a deeply reduced cost.

There would nothing wrong with this merchandise when deeply discounted. We are not talking about returns, damaged, distressed or defective items. Every piece is brand new and ready to use.

But once discounted it will be available to those who know where to look for it at up to 90% off wholesale… or more!

That makes our example of the boxed software that retails for $29.00 potentially available at $1.45 or less.

Don’t fall of your chair. We worked a deal exactly like this, EXCEPT that we did not pay even $1.45 a piece for the software. We paid much less and sold all of them to a retailer. This retailer placed display ads in the Sunday newspaper as customers flocked to their stores to buy every piece.

Now, you may be asking how you can find merchandise like this to resell for handsome profits to retailers and vendors or individually in your own retail business online or offline.

First, you have to learn:

What is this Merchandise?

The merchandise we have been discussing is nothing more than unwanted or leftover merchandise. Warehouses in every state and city are teeming with it, ready for the retail stores… but without a home.

Some reasons why retail merchandise may become available at such deep discounts..

1) Overproduction – a company may have produced more than their regular customers could buy.

2) Change in Packaging– A seller may update box or packaging designs or graphics, rendering the previous packaging design obsolete. Cheap

The item inside may be exactly the same..but since the packaging is no longer used, the merchandise MUST be sold to make way for the new packaging design.

3) Product Updates – a product may undergo a revision. Software programs are updated, cosmetic lines may add or subtract an ingredient, a new material may be used in production, the item may be improved in any a number of ways.

4) Change of Season– Items that are all the craze during the summer may not be as hot a seller in the fall. Smart buyers stock up and sell them at a sale price or hold them till the following summer. Either way, the profit potential can make any entrepreneur smile and ask for more.

This merchandise is perfectly usable and in fact highly desirable to retailers and their customers who want to buy that item at discount

In fact, there are retailers that buy this type of merchandise on a daily basis. And vendors of all kinds that make it a point to search for sources of retail ready discounted merchandise that they can sell to hungry, cash ready buyers.

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