Punjabi Movies Save Their Culture

I recommend watching Punjabi movies. It doesn’t matter from which country or which nationality you are. You can always be sure that Punjabi movie gets to your hart – either it is so funny and full of so much energy that it kicks your ass or it is so warm that moves your hart in great deal for a longer time. This is mainly because of the characteristics of Punjabi culture of course. In addition to films you could also say the same about Punjabi songs. punjabi song download

By putting all this culture so honestly and fully into their films, Punjabis have saved their traditions in modern culture. This is something that every community in the world could learn from them. It is through films that they have kept their songs, dances and dressing traditions alive in Punjabi youth. If you compare this to Malayalam movies for example, then you realize how much better are Punjabis doing in marketing themselves through films. This is a remarkable result. And as always if you respect yourself, the others will respect you as well. Punjabi songs are popular around the world. Young people love this music in their discos, best DJ-s in the world are playing around with the beat of Punjab.

So I suggest that if you feel like your culture and traditions are not so well kept and respected by your young crowd then think about movies as the opportunity to promote it. And definitely look closer to Punjabi movies – they really know what they are doing.

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