Should You Buy an Existing Domain Name?

When you are thinking of buying a domain name for your business, have you taken an existing domain name into account? As you know domains come and go these days and sometimes it can be quite difficult to find a completely new one of your desire. Whether buying an existing domain name a good choice comparing with registering a brand new domain? Here I will bring you the disadvantages and advantages of purchasing an existing domain name and hopefully help you make a right decision.

I start from the advantages to searching for and purchasing an existing domain name. There are many reasons why an existing domain is welcomed for webmasters.

Firstly, you may expect a large amount of traffic that has previously flowed to that particular website. You can imagine that there are surely some customers of the older owner may not know that the domain name didn’t get renewed, so that they are of highly likely to visit that domain name after you buy the domain. In other ways, you can enjoy these traffic due to the hard effort of the previously owner. This could be an excellent beginning for your website to against totally no visitor.

Secondly, you may also benefits from the old owner who definitely pay their efforts in targeting keywords to ensure the domain name get listed higher at the search engine results page. In such cases, you domain name is search engine friendly and it will takes you less time and energy for SEO purpose. DMARC policy

Thirdly, the possibility of buying finding a short, catchy domain with the targeted keywords contained will be increased. As we all known, it is not an easy job to find a desired domain that is still available especially if your niche is quite competitive. Also due to the fact there are some domains owners buy these perfect domains simply as an investment, then short domain names are more likely to already be registered. Choosing the right domain name for your internet business enterprise becomes more challenging if you never take the existing domain names into account. Because it is not an easy job to find a good domain name that is still available you may be force to buy an existing domain name from the market.

An Disadvantage
However, if you have settled your mind for buying an existing domain, you should be aware of the potential pitfall. The major disadvantage of buying an existing domain name is that it may have been punished by the search engines for the inappropriate SEO tactics (or black hat techniques). If you are unfortunately enough and purchase domain of this kind, I would empathize. Under such circumstance, it is quite hard for your website to be get indexed again, which means even if you are going to invest a lot of money on promotion and SEO, you will receive no outcome absolutely.

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