Stone Tile Countertops – A Creative Option for Your Kitchen Counter Remodel

Although your new cabinetry choices will perhaps be the most expensive and functional portion of your kitchen remodeling design, your kitchen countertop and backsplash will usually be the very first focal point of any new kitchen space, and therefore the single greatest factor in the aesthetic impact overall. As a result, your countertop choice is worthy of careful examination and research.

There are many choices available today when considering countertop materials and design. Granite slab stone is by far the number one choice for many people because it is undoubtedly beautiful, and almost impossible to scratch or suffer heat damage under normal wear conditions. However, along with being very expensive, the available color palate can be somewhat limiting and lacking in uniformity, and as the choice to use granite is routine, it offers little originality or creativity in your new design. granite countertops near me

More affordable options include quartz, man-made solid surface products, laminate, and ceramic tile. All are offered in multiple color options, and provide solid, non-porous surfaces for easy cleaning. However, these surfaces are often easier to scratch, damage, discolor, and crack.

Perhaps one of the more beautiful and creative solutions to any new countertop makeover dilemma is consideration of stone tile. People often shy away from initial consideration of this product as a countertop option, as it carries with it the perception that it is difficult to clean and maintain. However, nowadays, there are simple and easily applied sealant products available that only need be used right after initial installation, and then once a year there-after to maintain an adequate seal for everyday wear. From the multitude of grout colors now available, you can select a color that matches or compliments your tile, and ages well. In addition, stone tile is available in absolutely beautiful color variations, styles, and sizes, with a multitude of decorative tile options to create breathtaking patterns and designs on your counter and backsplash. A bit of creative design and variation within your tile pattern choices can result in artistic, eye-catching focal points throughout your kitchen.

If you are looking for a unique, durable, and absolutely beautiful kitchen design, consider use of stone tile for your countertop space. Your new kitchen will be a guaranteed show-stopper.


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