Things on Television We Can Do Without

Television clutters our lives with many things we just don’t need. As a public service, to simplify our lives, I’ve made a list of television shows and channels that we can absolutely do without.

Here is the list:

Meerkat Manor

Meerkats are critters of the mongoose family that might eat a small snake or two to prove it.

Other than Rudyard Kipling’s Rikki-Tikki-Tavi from The Jungle Book, little of interest comes from the mongoose family. I doubt that a meerkat would tangle with a full-blown cobra like Riki did.

To save yourself from bordeath (that’s another of my invented words and means “death by boredom”), go to and read Kipling’s story. Don’t come back to this article. It doesn’t get any better.

What! You came back?

Meerkats teach their young how to eat a scorpion by removing the stinger and then letting them kill it. They are very sexy and have a new batch of kittens every other month or so. Like lions, they kill young not of their own mating.

Carlos is a “playboy” meerkat starring in Meerkat Manor on Animal Planet. He fights and mates with every female he finds.

That’s all that any sane person would want to know about meerkats.

Are these scrawny “rats” really as interesting as our human soap operas?


I’m tired of meerkats.

They remind me of people.

If you must, learn about meerkats a

Religion Television Channels Breaking Nigerian news 

I just got a call from Nate at Omaha Steaks®. I told him I got a call yesterday from the company while I was making a chocolate cake for my Idaho grandkids. Also, they called me last week.

I didn’t need any steaks so I asked him about the weather, hoping it was colder in Omaha than her in temperate Southern Idaho. It was and that made me feel good. I prefer other people to suffer in the cold.

I told frequent caller, Nate, that it was in the low forties here yesterday, an Idaho heat wave, and that I didn’t need a coat.


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