Tips for Creating a Poster for Your Outdoor Movie Event

Marketing or advertising for your outdoor movie event is one of the most important tasks you need to complete if you want your event to be successful. Creating a poster for your movie event is one of many simple marketing strategies you can use. Here are some helpful tips for creating a poster for your outdoor movie event.


Do not put up posters the day before your event. It is important to begin marketing or advertising your event early, at least a couple of weeks before the movie event, possibly even sooner. This gives you a better chance of achieving a higher turnout, since people will have time to make plans to attend your event.


Choose where to put up your posters based on your target audience. If this is a family friendly event, hang your posters on bulletin boards at local parks, pediatrician’s offices, libraries, and other local family friendly hangouts. For an event on a college campus, advertise on bulletin boards around campus including residence halls and dining areas. Be sure to ask permission before hanging up any promotional materials. Poster Display Stand 


As you begin designing your poster, you will be faced with many decisions. Should you use color or not? What type and size font should ycc ou use? Should you include a picture? A few simple guidelines can help you make these decisions. Using color is a good idea to make your poster stand out. You should choose a large, simple font so that people can easily read your poster; keep the information you include simple and to the point so there is enough space for a larger font.


Be sure to include the most important information; the date, time and location of the event are absolutely essential pieces of information. For a movie event you should also include the movie being shown and the recommended audience. For example, if the event is good for young children, teenagers, adults only, or appropriate for all ages.

Be sure to carefully proofread your poster. Another set of eyes for proofreading is a great idea even if you have a firm grasp of spelling and grammar, since it can be easy to miss your own mistakes. If you choose to include a picture, make sure it relates appropriately to the outdoor movie event you are hosting, and that the picture stands out on your poster.

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