Why I Wish That I Had Done Kitchen Cabinet Refacing

A few months back, I had no idea as to what kitchen cabinet refacing even was, that was until I was over at a friend’s house and she showed me her kitchen. I had replaced my kitchen cabinets about eight months earlier, and was satisfied with the result. They looked new, modern, and they no longer made my kitchen look older and outdated. I was happy with the results, my husband was happy with the results, everyone was happy with the new look that the kitchen had. That was until I went over to my friend Meg’s house. cabinet refacing company

We went over there for a dinner party a few months ago and when Meg took me on a tour of her house, I was surprised that she had almost the exact same cabinets as I had. I asked her where she got them and she told me that her husband did something called kitchen cabinet refacing. Kitchen cabinet refacing is when instead of entirely replacing the cabinets like I did, you just replace the outer area of the cabinet leaving the insides untouched.

I had no idea that such a thing existed, and just about kicked my husband out of the car on the way home because he didn’t know about it. Not only was the kitchen cabinet refacing cost so much cheaper than replacing the cabinets, but it looked just as good. I couldn’t believe that I had paid so much money to replace my cabinets when it could have been cheaper and faster to just reface them. Oh well; you live and learn, don’t you?

If you are looking for a cheap alternative way to changing the look of your kitchen cabinets then do what Meg did. Her cabinets look brand new and there is no way to tell that the rest of the cabinets haven’t been changed too. I can tell you that if I ever want to redo the cabinets in my kitchen again that I will be doing kitchen cabinet refacing. Meg told me that it only took her husband a few hours to do, which is amazing because I know for a fact that he isn’t the handiest of men, and they were a quarter of what I had spent on replacing the ones in my kitchen. Don’t be a sucker, if you are thinking of replacing your kitchen cupboards, go for refacing them instead.


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