4 Tips to Reduce Wedding Planning Headaches

Planning your dream wedding will likely rank among the most exciting processes in your life. You have imagined it for a long time and you know in your heart what it should look like. In your dreams, the wedding day looks and feels perfect.

Unfortunately, plans have the tendency to go wrong. Once you start working on it, you will find out that many of your dreams are either difficult to implement or too time consuming to put together.

Wedding planning can easily turn into a nightmare. You will have to keep track of many items and processes. Getting organized and remaining cool in the face of wedding-related adversity is of key importance.

Here are 4 simple tips that will help you plan your dream wedding without the headache.

1. Know What You Have To Do

Make lists! This is the best tip that you can make use of each time you need to get something organized.

Before you start working on the wedding, take some time to prepare lists. Sit down and think of all aspects that will have to be taken care of. A detailed list will give you the chance to keep track of progress and to know how well you are doing.

Using a cloud-based tool like Google Docs means you can access your list any time, anywhere, from any device. You can also share your brainstorming with your spouse-to-be, parents, bridesmaids and groomsmen, if you need to.

Update the planning list as soon as something happens. If you are too busy, get someone to supervise the process and to monitor success. Create sections for each element of the wedding – wedding photography, flowers, venue, cake, etc.

2. Get Family and Friends Involved

Trying to handle everything on your own will soon leave you exhausted and depressed. Many people will be willing to offer a helping hand. Get them involved and delegate any tasks you can.

Choose a few trustworthy family members or friends who are good at planning and organizing to assist you with the wedding. These people will help you handle situations and organizing their piece of the planning.

Although everyone will wish to get involved, keep the number of helpers limited. Distribute tasks among these people so that everyone is aware of duties. Be very strict (but not bossy – you’re asking for their help, after all!) when it comes to the planning process. Each helper should be capable of handling a specific issue and reporting on the progress made. Your helpers will be like a team of employees and you’re the wedding manager.

3. Use Professional Help

A good wedding planner can be just the person you need to make that dream wedding come true.

If you can afford the extra cost, it can definitely be a lifesaver. Of course, you could always find a friend who is experienced with organizing events or has been involved with several weddings.

Be careful when selecting wedding planners. Interview several of them and compare the offers that you get. You should feel comfortable with the person. A good wedding planner will make you feel secure.

Wedding planners will handle the issues that you will otherwise have to deal with on your own. This is why the selection process is very important. Take your time and pick the best person.

4. Always Remain Flexible

One of the most important rules that you should keep in mind is that flexibility will always pay off.

Instead of panicking when something goes wrong, you should start looking for new opportunities and ideas. Some great party concepts arrive out of thin air from the most unusual sources. Be open to innovations. Event Management Company in Rishikesh

Try to be flexible and comfortable with everything that is going on. Your wedding should be connected to positive emotions and excitement. Doing your homework in advance and getting the best helpers will help you enjoy the process instead of feeling desperate about it.


April Wright is the co-owner of an Ellicott City based photography studio http://ElusionPhotos.com. She is a published, award-winning Ellicott City Wedding Photographer and Portrait Photographer in Maryland.

April is a member of the Professional Photographers of America (PPA), Wedding and Portrait Photographers International (WPPI), and the National Press Photographers Association (NPPA). April loves weddings and sharing her passion for photography by providing wedding photography and portrait photography to the greater Baltimore-Washington DC metro area. She has extensive experience with portraiture and event photojournalism.

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