Barbizon Modeling Reviews – Is it Legit Or Should I Save My Money?

The Barbizon Modeling school is one of the largest modeling franchises in the country. With locations in nearly every major city, barbizon has grown to become one of the top modeling agency dealers in the world. But is it scam? We have read countless reviews from several pissed off consumers that say it is, so we decided to investigate further into whether or not it is a legitimate company.

So How Does Barbizon Modeling Work?

Barbizon is a modeling and acting career center third party, which works with several hundred of the largest modeling companies in the world. You sign up to submit a modeling “portfolio”, where you send in your best pictures, head shots, and body shots, and then they send out these photos to representatives from all the major companies.

If a representative is interested in you, they call you and schedule an interview, often at the customers expense, and may set you up for casting calls and auditions for movie and TV roles. There are barbizon locations in nearly every major city, so most of the time it’s a very short drive away.

After enrolling in a barbizon school, you will also visit one of there nearby locations and receive training on how to be a model, as well as acting classes and resources. barbizon school reviews

So Does Barbizon really work or is it a Scam?

Barbizon is actually a very legitimate company. They have been in business for over 10 years, and many of there clients have made it to the big leagues of modeling. You simply need to show up at one of there auditions, and schedule a personal one on one interview with one of there reps.

Many of the people that are claiming that barbizon cheated them or is a scam feel like they have been promised or guaranteed a fun career in modeling. What most parents and aspiring models don’t realize is you need to work at it for some time before you can expect to achieve any level of success. It’s this work that often drives teens and young adults away.

But, the modeling world can be very fun, exciting, and allow you to travel the world all expenses paid. It is this fact that drives most of the successful potential models to be all they can be and win a career in modeling. If your not interested in attending a school, you should consider entering a modeling competition. Many of today’s most popular models started off in contests nationwide. Elle Magazine is hosting a competition all across the US, and is open to girls from 13 – 24.


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