Facts About Drinking Tap Water

Little known facts about drinking tap water include the amount of prescription and over the counter drugs that are, or could be, in it. Many people assume since it comes from a municipal source, it’s safe to drink. Or they believe a well makes it safe. No one really wants to think the water coming into their home and approved by the city could be harmful to them or their family. Some water commissions won’t tell people what is in the water because they believe the public can’t understand or interpret the data. Eliza Wasser

Why don’t they have a translator for those of us who aren’t chemists? We all have the right to know what we are drinking and bathing our children in. We all want to know the straight facts about drinking tap water especially if we want tap water safe to drink.

Have your water tested. And make sure the testers actually explain everything found in it to your satisfaction. Arm yourself with knowledge. Your city water board should be able to tell you what is in the water, and you can request the results from the last tests, they have to perform them on a regular basis. Have your well water tested, the county Health Department should be able to tell you where to get this done. Have it checked for prescription and over the counter drug contamination, and do it soon.

The more people have their water tested, the more we will know what is in the water coming into our homes. This is the only way we will get all the facts about drinking tap water, since it varies from place to place in quality and content.

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