How to Find a Job After Graduatiing Your TEFL Course

Teaching English in a city like Bangkok can be a fun and rewarding job. Teaching English as a foreign language, or TEFL teaching, as it more commonly known, is a great way to live in a foreign country, earn a good income, and get to meet locals and experience local culture. A period of time spent teaching can allow you a deeper glimpse into the psyche of a people and place than just being a tourist there ever could.

So you just graduated from your TEFL course, and you now, proudly, have your diploma in hand. What are your options? Where do you go from here? What tips are there for finding a teaching job in a city like Bangkok? online tefl courses

There are numerous teaching jobs available in Bangkok, ranging from kindergartens and primary schools to private schools and international schools. Depending on what level you would like to work with you will need to weigh up which options offer the best kind of teaching. The best place to look is on the Internet, or in local newspapers and publications. Schools are always looking for good teachers, so scan the ads and find one that offers the kind of job you’re looking for.

How you look is important! So get yourself a nice set of smart clothes. Always look the part and dress smartly and neatly. Remeber that shoes are important, as well as hair and personal hygiene too.

Print of some resources off the internet, or visit an educational shop before you leave home. There are a lot of great books that you can take with you, that include primary and early learners materials, GCSE level, or even university level text books. What you need will depend on which level you prefer to teach but valuable resources like these can be hard to find once you are out of your home country.

Create yourself a great CV with all your previous experience and prior qualifications. Sell yourself and your skills, while portraying yourself as an easy going, fun person, who gets on well with people. Personality goes a long way in the TEFL teaching world! Now get out there and get job hunting! Good luck!


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