Interview With Certified Tiktoker-Frank Salmo

Suicide is preventable. Yes, if detected early. If people around knew something’s wrong with someone. And willing to do something about it, not ignoring or brushing the issue off.

World Suicide Prevention Day is September 10, and according to World Health Organization, one person kills self every 40 seconds.

However, prior to such a tragedy, something must have happened: bullying. Just like this one from an introduction of a book: The Bully, the Bullied and the Bystander by Barbara Coloroso.

I shall remember forever and will never forget

Monday: my money was taken.

Tuesday: names called.

Wednesday: my uniform torn.

Thursday: my body pouring with blood.

Friday: it’s ended.

Saturday: freedom.

–Neil Marr and Tim Field,

Bullycide, Death and Playtime: An expose of Child Suicide Caused by Bullying.

Good thing, while I was looking for possible resource person for this topic, there’s something which caught my attention.

I survived bullying that’s why I will fight for my advocacy as long as I live.” An fb profile statement says. Offered an interview, he instantly agreed and here’s said [email protected]:


  1. Define bullying.

For me bullying is a serious topic which can kill an individual through depression.



  1. Who, to you, is a bully? And what makes bullying an alarming phenomenon?

For me bullies are those people who always make fun of a person, laughing every time they see mistakes on them, even to the extent that they resort to physically assault their victim. It’s very alarming nowadays because a lot of people especially millennials commit suicide because they experienced too much depressions with different types of bullying. Last year, more than 10 individuals committed suicide in our hometown.



  1. Have you been bullied? If yes, by whom? I’ve been bullied since grade school till high school by my schoolmates, they would always call me BOBO because I’m not good in academics and I am shy type person. They would even make me as their punching bag almost every day, I have no chance to tell my parents regarding this matter because of their busyness, even some of my relatives would bully me. They would always compare me to my cousins who are good in school, with honors while I have failing grades.



  1. Traumatic, right?


Those are the memories that I won’t forget for the rest of my life, but instead of getting distracted of those experiences, I use them as my inspiration to strive more, and reach for my dreams, sino makakapagsabi na ang isang batang tahimik, dati na tinatawag na bobo, pero maraming achievements ngayon. For me, my list of achievements is my sweet revenge to those who bullied me before.

5. Can you consider bullying as mental illness? Explain your answer.

For me, YES, because some of the bullies been experiencing insecurities. That’s why they bully a certain person, as cover up, sometimes they even hit or punch a person without a reason. Not only the victim needs to talk to a psychiatrist but also the bully so that he/she will learn that such actions towards other are not normal. tiktok promo price 

6. Bullying has physical, mental, or spiritual impact on victims, right? So how do we control, if totally stop bullying?

In schools, teachers have a big part to stop bullying. They should give time– at least 20 minutes a day– to tackle bullying, and how to deal with depression caused by bullying, and what are the things to do when one is being bullied.

7. Bullies need guidance or attention, too. They lack “human touch” etc. Do you agree with that? Why?

Yes, I agree on that bullies need attentions, why? Because one of the reasons why they are bullying a person is that they lack attention maybe in school, or even at home. We should also listen to their stories as well, and not judge them hastily.

8. What achievements, so far, do you have as a bully survivor?

As dancer/choreographer, I formed a group EONIAN DREAM TALENTS in the year 2010, and we joined many TV competitions such as It’s Showtime, PGT, Talendong Pinoy, to mention a few. We won top prize of each dance competitions in nearby provinces. Currently, I do choreograph work in different schools, both in elementary and high school, in our town, and other places.


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