Power Leveling 1 70 – A Proven the Process to Follow

Do you want to know how people make the level 70 in as little as a week? Well, it all revolves around this thing called power leveling. Power leveling 1 70 can be done in two ways. No, that is not a typo, it is indeed very possible for even the intermediate level WoW player. You will need either a friend that will help you or you will simply quest to power level. Let me share a few tips with you and explain and how this power leveling thing can get you to level 70 in no time.

For those of us who don’t have all the time in the world to play World of Warcraft twenty four hours in a day, so how do they do it? Well, this will take another player to help you. They must be a level seventy or eighty paladin or warrior. Paladins have the ability to heal and take less damage from the enemies, which makes them a perfect candidate for power leveling. Your friend can help you power level to level fifty in no time.

You should try to power level in the lower instances when you the level of 15. Why do we say instances for power leveling? Well, instances have mobs of enemies that can be collected together to be killed at one time. When your level eighty friend paladin does this, he or she needs to make sure they keep moving in order to take less damage. buy power leveling

The lower level character (that is you) needs to stay in exp distance but away from the battle he brings back. You have more threat generated then the paladin, which makes them draw to you easily.Now, you will find that you can reset the instance over and over again, while you’re in the instance. You will know that it’s the fastest way to level.

However, if you don’t have a friend that can help you, then you should check into power questing. Power questing isn’t hard to do at all.

You need to first get the popular quest helper addon in order to plan quests. Power questing isn’t as fast as power leveling with a friend helping you though. However, you may find it easier to do if you want to make level seventy by yourself.

When you quest, you will find many quests to do when you go to towns in your level range. You need to get these quests done in order to get as much experiences as you can. The more quests you do, the faster you will level up. When you make yourself to level fifty eight, you will need to move on to the Outlands. The Outlands has many quests that can get you to level 70 in no time. The power leveling 1 70 can be done through countless power leveling with either Horde or Alliance and with any character. Power leveling is great fun and adds a nice adrenaline rush to an otherwise slow process.

Having a friend help you power level is a great experience to play together while power questing is a real nice challenge. Either way, you will be happy with the results of your new level 70 character and you only had to play a few days to get there.


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