Some Quick Notes on Tropical Fish Care

It’s interesting how many people think that tropical fish care is difficult and so detailed that you need to get everything just right or your fish are going to choke away and die. Yes, you do need to provide fish with a healthy environment and a clean tank as well as the right amount of food and things such as this, but it’s really not that difficult to learn about tropical fish care and to have a successful tank. Here are a few quick pointers.

Successful tropical fish care really boils down to understanding what fish need and what their natural environment is like and then providing them with an home tank that is as close to that as possible. As an example, it’s very bad tropical fish care to use bleach or other cleansers on your tank because of course bleach doesn’t exist in their natural habitat and any residue of this harsh cleaner is going to be very bad for them. Imagine how bad you feel when you swim in a pool that has too much chlorine; your skin gets dry, your eyes get bothered, and so on. It’s the same with fish when they’re swimming in a tank that has been cleaned with bleach or some other chemical. So when it comes to tank cleaning and tropical fish care, usually damp rags are sufficient.

Feeding is another important area when it comes to tropical fish care. Believe it or not the most common mistake that many fish owners make is to feed their fish too much and too often. Fish don’t have that “full” sensation that humans do and can literally eat themselves sick; additionally any leftover flakes that remain in your tank will degrade and upset the chemical balance of the water. A few flakes here and there are not a problem but when you have quite a bit still remaining after feeding your fish this is bad for them. In their natural habitat fish don’t eat twice a day and sometimes they don’t even eat every single day. Understanding how bad it is to overfeed them is an important part of tropical fish care and can help to avoid many health problems down the road.

It’s also important that you don’t have too many fish in one tank; all the tropical fish care in the world won’t make up for a tank that is overcrowded with too many fish or with fish that are too large for the space. Fish need room to swim around for their physical health but their emotional health as well. When fish are too crowded they have a tendency to act out and nip at other fish in their territory. There’s not much you can do by way of tropical fish care when your tank is too crowded. If you can’t afford a huge tank be sure you scale back the number of fish and the size of them so that they’re all happy and healthy.


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