Steps To Generate Real Estate Leads

The serious downturn and turmoil in the real estate market has made lead generation tough for real estate agents, and for many agents a closed sale is only a dim hope. Here’s how I got some of my best real estate leads for free.

You should consider the possibility of writing and publishing your own real estate blog or website. Blogs don’t have to cost anything and are enjoyable if done right. Find out where you have a unique ability or expertise as a Realtor. Draw on the expertise. Keep up to date on the subject so you find it easy to write about. Don’t attempt to fake it or you’ll lose your motivation and draw a blank when you get ready to write new posts. real estate

Write using your ow unique skills and focus. Answer all legitimate queries from your reading audience. Become the master in this field. In your blog remember to advertise the best way of contacting you should anyone have questions. Always have a part of the page for your mailing list sign up. Your mailing list will become your most valuable source of leads so that is why it is important. Blogspot and WordPress are hand sites for making a free blog. You may want to consider spending the money on a domain and hosting to have your own domain though.

Another option is to create a website. There are lots of sources of free sites for real estate professionals these days. As with blogging, it is helpful to create the site using your own unique interests and abilities. And again, have a list sign up option for your readers. If you want more people to join in, offer them some kind of reward.

Sign up with the companies such as aWeber for email marketing service. While your list is going to make communication easier it will also be one of your best sources for generating new leads.

Most email providers offer a service where your recipient is given the option to forward your emails. If your contact refers a friend to our business, off them special services. At the end of all your emails and business cards don’t forget to mention contact details like blog, website and email addresses. In this way your blog or website is more prone to generate referrals. As said before, you must keep the content interesting and applicable to the readers.

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