Sticker Printing Service

Look around you. Look at the back of your personal computer. Look under the bonnet of your car, SUV or pickup truck. Look through your mail. Picked up a bestseller at your bookstore or ordered it online recently? Chances are you will find a sticker or two on it. Stickers are everywhere. You’ll find stickers on everything from automobiles to the Zoological Society of London’s collectible sculptures. You might even have worn one as a name tag or displayed it to show your support for the candidate of your choice.

Address and shipping labels, barcodes, book labels, decals, sticky notes, price tags, security seals, product labels…stickers come in every shape and size imaginable. And they wear many hats. Some-like bumper and scratch-and-sniff stickers-are fun too! dymo 99010

Stickers are used primarily for identification purposes. Holographic stickers also help consumers to spot the genuine product. In warehouses and other storage facilities, stickers help workers to easily store, retrieve and process inventory. Stickers also make it easy for parts to be ordered. They also aid in remote troubleshooting of computer hardware problems.

Stickers can be of paper, fabric, vinyl or some other man-made material. But they all share one thing in common. They all have an adhesive or ‘sticky’ side. Most stickers feature the sticky surface on their reverse side. Some stickers, however, feature the adhesive on the obverse side-stickers on car windows, for example.

Incidentally, printing window stickers is offered as one of the specialties by many Labels printing companies across UK. Besides a high degree of customisation, clients can also look forward to cost and time benefits as the entire printing process-from consultation to completion-is handled by professionals. Label printing companies can handle everything from one-off window sticker requirements to year-round projects.


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