The Family Photograph – A Visual Time Capsule

With the holidays right around the corner, families will be gathered – three, sometimes four generations to share Thanksgiving dinner or other holiday traditions. A large family gathering is the perfect opportunity to have a multi-generational portrait taken. It is not that often that everyone is together. It is moments like this that we treasure and want to keep with us forever. The visual time capsule.

Whether it be your neighbor that you ask to take a quick snapshot of your family or you hire a professional portrait photographer – do not miss the opportunity to document this particular chapter in your lives. A family photograph has historical significance, a permanent record of that particular day. The family portrait will remain part of your family’s history for generations to come.

But the family photograph does not need to be super posed and formal. The dreaded posed family photograph has been around since the invention of the camera but there are no rules that require the image to be static and boring. The modern twist to the staged formal portrait is a bit more spontaneous. Newborn Photography London

Think outside of the studio! A large family portrait can be candid and natural. You can choose a location that has relevance to the family or choose scenery that makes a great backdrop.

By having a more laid back, fun vibe to your portrait session, genuine connections are revealed and unexpected moments are captured. The special relationships that bind families – a grandparent with a grandchild, the tenderness between a mom and her child, the special bonding between siblings and cousins are captured forever. The photograph will tell the story of your family.

The opportunity to tell your family’s story is what a family portrait session can be. The snapshot you carry in your wallet is full of great stories – the relevance of a photograph becomes even more poignant as the years pass. As long as that picture lasts, everyone in that picture will be together.

Melissa Madden
Keith Pitts Photography

Melissa Madden is Studio Manager at Keith Pitts Photography. Keith Pitts is a wedding, lifestyle and portrait photographer based in Scottsdale, Arizona. He has been shooting professionally for more than 15 years and has travelled extensively photographing weddings, portraits and commercial assignments. Keith’s ability to capture those special moments has afforded his images to be featured on the cover of magazines such as Contact and Phoenix Bride & Groom, wedding blogs including Junebug Weddings, websites such as The Knot and wedding publications including Phoenix Bride & Groom and The Wedding Chronicle.

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