The Flexibility of Recording Schools

Who would have ever thought that you could find remarkable New Mexico recording schools? But plenty has changed – then and now. Presently, New Mexico recording schools are now competing against the respectable institutions of major industry hubs, Los Angeles and New York. With the Rio Grande (the river that runs the whole length of the state) and the Palace of Governors (the oldest building in the United States) on its cradle, New Mexico truly presents itself as a fine place to get your audio recording education from. recording school

Formerly called the Sound Master Recording Engineer School, the Pinnacle College is considered as one of the finest of the New Mexico recording schools. Its founder, the late Brian Ingoldsby, built this school to provide aspiring recording professionals the chance to be trained on the latest trends and technology in this enthralling field of audio engineering. During his time, Mr. Ingoldsby worked with recording artists like Elton John, Cher, Eric Clapton, Neil Diamond, Mick Jagger and many others. As you’re aware of, these artists have gained gold and platinum records at least once in their lives.

The recording engineer program at Pinnacle College is definitely for the individual who is very serious about entering this field of endeavor. You’ll definitely be given a firm grasp of the industry – what with taking classes on digital mastering, recording workshop, synchronization and post production.

Another excellent New Mexico recording school is University of Phoenix in Albuquerque at the New Mexico Campus. Offering undergraduate and graduate degree programs, lots of students go into this field of study at the Unites States’ largest private university. Their unique approach to instruction is being adopted by several schools across the country. Classes are not just all about classroom teaching. Each student is assigned a learning team which is a small group of classmates in the same area of study, to help each other develop communication, collaboration and problem-solving.

If you’re more inclined to digital media and recording arts, then the ITT Technical Institute is the one for you. They have an outstanding Bachelor’s degree in Digital Recording Arts Technology. The school prides itself in making available to the students the same courses and opportunities as the best Hollywood recording schools. As more and more prospective students are deciding to study away from the “obvious” areas of learning in this field, schools like ITT are living up to that demand and creating some of the best courses with access to the best recording equipment available. You’ll then be treated with courses on digital media, digital audio recording and editing, media ethics, studio recording and digital media software in New Mexico recording schools.


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