Types of Pregnancy Body Pillows

Sleeping can be very tricky when you are pregnant. Your beautiful bump can end up limiting your sleeping poses yet you really need that sleep to relax. A pregnancy body pillow can make all the difference for you throughout pregnancy making your nights simply relaxing and enjoyable however big the bump is. Standard pillows do offer some support, but they might not expose you to the options you are looking for to make your sleeping better. Fortunately, there are special pillows out there designed just to make your pregnancy more comfortable.

These pillows are designed to cradle the belly and at the same time relieve the pressure off the spine making it easier for you to relax and sleep. You will feel soothed all through the night when you have the right pregnancy body pillow. There are several to choose from in the market today and depending on your needs during this important phase, you will find the most suitable one to give you a smile as you sleep.

Memory foam pregnancy body pillow – These offer the mobility and shape of standard pillows. They are amazing since they easily conform to your body shape and they are designed lightweight making it easy for you to handle them throughout the night. They can be used in any way between the knees to around the neck depending on where you feel you need support the most. Considering they use pillow covers that are standard and are offered in a range of colors, you will find them easy to choose to match the bedroom décor. body pillow design

Wedge- shaped pillows – They are designed to offer you full body support during pregnancy. You can place the it against your headboard to easily relieve heartburn bouts very common during pregnancy. You can also use the pillow under the back to enjoy gentle inclination that takes lots of pressure off the hips especially when sleeping on the side.

Letter-shaped pillows – The curved shapes are what make the pregnancy body pillows appropriate. The curves put them in a position to support different pressure points without being inconvenient and bulky. Hip support can be enjoyed from pregnancy body pillows shaped like the letter C while both sides can be supported by pillows shaped as the letter U since you can roll over with ease without the need to move a pillow. J shaped pregnancy body pillows offer an easy time maneuvering and they can actually replace standard pillows on your bed.

Pregnancy body pillows are not only amazing in offering you support as you sleep, but can also come in handy even during the day when you are lounging and need support around the hips and back as you sit up. You will find lots of options in the market. When buying your choice, it also helps to consider the materials they are made from, the color, size and comfort levels. Pregnancies can be very different. Hence, the need to choose a pregnancy body pillow you feel will suit the needs you face with your pregnancy.

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