Weight Losing Tips – 9 Ways For a Healthier You

Being overweight increases your risk for high blood pressure, high cholesterol level, heart diseases, or diabetes. If you think that you can no longer zip your pants, you might want to consider trimming down.

Weight loss requires patience, perseverance and discipline. If you want to lose weight, you can always seek help from specialists such as a dietician or a nutritionist. Or you can lose weight on your own. If you decide to lose weight on your own, the simple weight losing tips that follow can help you:

1. Never go on a diet to lose weight.

Many people think that starving oneself can actually help in losing weight. But they’re wrong. Dieting doesn’t actually make you lose weight. Starving yourself doesn’t help you burn calories. Dieting can only cause a painful and souring stomach. And your body’s way of coping starvation is by eating more than what you needed.

2. Do not totally eliminate food, find alternatives instead.

Instead of eating a slice of cake during snacks, you can opt for high fiber snacks such as fruits or vegetable sticks. Go for a lighter, low calorie, and healthy snacks such as non-fat yogurt or a low-fat pudding.

3. Say no to flavored drinks.

Alcohol, soda, carbonated drinks, coffee, or fruit juices are all high in calories. You should limit drinking high-calorie drinks and lessen your consumption of sweetened drinks. Drink water instead and save three hundred or more calories each day. Wunder Diat

4. Eat slowly.

If you shovel everything into your mouth as fast as the speed of light, then you wouldn’t notice that your stomach is already full. As such, you consume more and more calories before you begin to feel full. You would definitely enjoy your food more if you slow down.

5. Do not overeat.

No matter how delicious the food can be, when you feel you’re already full, stop eating. Don’t eat more than what your body needs. Always remember, excess food means excess fats.

6. Do not deprive yourself from your favorite foods.

If you love ice cream or chocolate chip cookies, you do not have to push them away. Totally eliminating your favorites from your diet will only make you crave for more. You are on the safe side as long as you make sure you eat them moderately.

7. Cook healthy.

Healthy cooking helps in cutting fat and calories. Cut out fried foods. Frying uses cooking oils that are heavy in fat and may increase your body cholesterol level. By boiling, grilling, roasting, baking, poaching, or steaming your food you eliminate the added oil.


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