What Is Perfume And Why Is It So Popular?

The American Heritage dictionary defines perfume as “A substance that emits a pleasing odor, especially a volatile liquid distilled from flowers or prepared synthetically.” However, to many in the perfume industry perfume can best be defined as “liquid gold” and to those who use these products the definition may run from “a pleasant scent” to “pure magic.” Regardless of how you define it, perfume is big business for the perfume industry and a must have item for most people.

The art of perfume making originated in ancient times in places such as Egypt. In fact, Cleopatra herself gave perfume the credit for her success with men, especially those that were made just for her. In fact, scientists have found evidence of perfumes dating back 4000 years or more. Since that time, perfume manufacturers have worked diligently to produce that one elusive fragrance that will out shine them all.

Consequently, the perfume industry has grown to such an extent that there are now literally thousands of perfumes on the market at any given time. Perfume ingredients run the gambit from flowery scents, to fruity concoctions, to spicy and even earthy scents. While the description of the content of some perfume appears to be quite exotic such as wild orchids, others like fresh air notes sound less glamorous.

Moreover, it seems that perfume making has become such a profitable business that many famous clothes designers and celebrities have had various scents created for their brand. There are now so many fragrances on the market that choosing the right perfume to suit them is almost a full-time quest for many consumers today. While some shoppers look for a fragrance by specific perfume makers or manufacturers, others prefer to shop by the type of scent. Some might prefer woody scents while others like fragrances that have flowery, fruity or spicy scent. aromata 

The process of selecting the right perfume is not made any easier when one considers that some fragrances are better suited to particular genders. In addition, people sometimes choose different perfumes based on where they will be wearing the scent. The fragrance they wear to work may well be a far cry from the one they wear to go partying with friends or out on a date with the special person in their life. Luckily, most people are able to find fragrances they like; with the right perfume ingredients to fit their personality. When this happens, it might become their signature perfume, and the only perfume they choose to wear all the time.

Attempting to put a set definition on the many fragrances that are available is like trying to capture an elusive butterfly. It simply can’t be done because in doing so, you would then take all the mystery and most of the beauty that makes that butterfly unique away.

So while the perfume makers in the perfume industry try to create that one truly perfect fragrance, the rest of the world simply enjoys the symphony that all these wonderful and different fragrances offer.


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